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  1. Dear Thomas
    My name is Anton and I work at the online educational project, [OR]EDU [at ], focused on visual storytelling. I’ve found your blog on photography and I really like it.

    As part of our initiative of building the visual storytelling community and offering educational opportunities to professionals and citizens worldwide, Objective Reality Foundation proposes a project exploring the relationship between Russia and Poland.
    The initiative offers a series of workshops and training sessions and production of personal daily life stories by Polish and Russian youth.

    The project focuses on training a group of 20 young people (10 from Gdansk area, Poland and 10 from Kaliningrad area, Russia) in visual storytelling skills. In the course of the project we will produce two physical workshops, one in Poland, one in Russia (6 days each) with a preliminary online session and an online follow-up.

    Оur activities are non-profit and we do not sell advertising or our educational courses. It will be great if you could help us to promote this workshops in Poland and Gdansk via your blog or friends, it will help us to find great Polish students for the workshop and fix together the great team of participants. I think your activities will be very interesting for Russians and our program would be very interesting from young people from Poland.

    Please, let me know, what do you think.
    my email is

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