1. Wiatrak i ten sufit starego kosciola.. czad.

    • The Federal Goventment is making us establish this fund. It’s over the head of the common union guy in Bristol because collectively they are st.uHdpiopwfully, Art has the moxie to lay some of them off and help keep our taxes down, but since he owes his election to this collective group of morons, they will continue to expand and cost this city millions of dollars.

    • A) IMAP still works, and worked during the last outage.B) Reliability is still at or near 99%. Ask around large companies that use Exchange and ask about their reliability – probably pretty similar. I think the fact is that NOTHING works 100% of the time – telelphones, power, 3G, etc. You may pay for Gmail but its a lot cheaper than running your own Exchange server and even that wouldn’t guarantee 100% reliability.I understand people’s frustration, but occasional outages should be expected. 2 in one month is a little unusual, but how about the long stretches of time with no outages?

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