1. Michał

    Piękne zdjęcia;) widać jak jeszcze wiele brakuję mi do Twojego poziomu fotografowania

  2. we can both learn a lot from each other and we both have little lucy and conrad and the rest of our babies to be able to use this wealth of knowledge that we have combined and do our best in raising the best human beings that we can. One last quote on this,“Human relationships, and the effect of relationships on relationships, are the building blocks of healthy human development.”Peace and Love, RioP.s. Sorry if this is scatter brained, didn’t really think I was going to write this much.

  3. Karen,Thank you for submitting the FIRST news item for our new MPHS64.ORG website! I was very please with how well the publishing of this latest information was processed, using our new & improved website’s capabilities!- Gordon Rickard –

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